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Looking back at Vikings WR Adam Thielen

Adam Thielen of Detroit Lakes, Minn., is fighting for a roster spot as a wide receiver for the Minnesota Vikings.

The second-year pro spent last season on the practice squad, and this summer he’s seeing decent reps with the team’s top receivers.

Vikings GM Rick Spielman told KFAN listeners this week that “Adam is kind of really stuck out” during the team’s minicamp.

“It’s been a while since I’ve played in a game, but it was good,” Thielen told Master Tesfatsion of the Star Tribune. “It was good to learn the game and learn the NFL way, go against a quality defense. Every day to see that speed was good and helping my transition.”

A former three-sport standout with the Lakers, here’s a look at a few photos from our archives:

Richand’s Jay Bachman and Detroit Lakes’ Adam Thielen go head-to-head in the lane Dec. 27, 2005 during the Shanley High School Holiday Basketball Classic.

Adam Thielen of Detroit Lakes carries a red and white umbrella while competing in the Moorhead Junior High Golf Invitational with Kody Vizenor, East Grand Forks, left, and Michael Posch, Moorhead between holes on Village Green Golf Course May 5, 2003.

Dille once appeared on Letterman’s show

About a year after he retired as president of Minnesota State University Moorhead, Roland Dille and his wife, Beth, were part of a “Late Show with David Letterman” segment in 1995.

Those who attended MSUM during Dille’s administration, myself included, know that when he got out of Owens Hall, he was a larger-than-life character. The story below shows that he had a pretty good sense of humor as well.

When Letterman took his show on the road to London in 1995, here’s what happened:

In a May 1995 Forum story, Christopher Sprung wrote:

As part of his nightly shtick, Letterman showed video of London street scenes and then asked the studio and viewing audiences snide questions about English culture or the subjects of the video clips.

For instance, one segment showed a woman taking a photograph. Letterman asked if the audience thought she was photographing London landmarks or Prince Charles’ ears.

Next came footage of a trash collector. Letterman asked if the audience thought the refuse was being shipped to various points in the city or just straight to New York City.

Then the gap-toothed host directed viewers to watch the man on the right of the screen. It was Dille. Does the man like fish, chips, or fish and chips? the talk show host asked.

“Naturally they were referring to the fact that I wasn’t real skinny,” says Dille, whose ample physique has been filling Santa suits for years.

Dille and his wife were in England for five weeks accompanying 35 MSU students who were studying at Oxford University, about 60 miles northwest of London.

The couple didn’t venture into the city often, but one day as the milled around Piccadilly Circus near the heart of London’s West End, they were caught by Letterman’s camera crew.

“They were looking for typically elderly English couples, I think,” Dille says. “I guess when you’re an English teacher as long as I’ve been, you begin to look English.”

The Dilles knew nothing of the incident until much later when acquaintances mentioned they’d seen the couple on the show.

Referring to famed artist Andy Warhol’s prediction that everyone will be famous for at least 15 minutes, Dille lamented that his time in the limelight had been so brief – and pointed out that he has roughly 14 minutes and 50 seconds coming to him.



Clean-up Week turns into big photo op

They say one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.
In Sally Jacobson’s case, the treasure turned into photo opportunities.
With her husband and sister behind the camera, Jacobson posed with various items set out to the curb during Clean-up Week in Fargo.
“It was a super fun way to take a break from our own spring cleaning,” Jacobson says. “I packed a bag full of ‘costumes’ and we drove around looking for good ‘sets’ for the photos. I think the best part was watching people’s expressions as they tried to figure out what we were doing!”
Here’s the photos she shared with us:

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Fargo couple’s surprise engagement caught on camera at Target Field

Danielle Cochran of Fargo will now have the perfect reason to continue to have a seat in the big glove in the plaza of Target Field.

For Matt Johnson, she is quite the catch.

She got engaged there Monday when Johnson popped the question before the Minnesota Twins home opener.

The moment was caught by a WCCO-TV camera.

“We’re big Minnesota sports fans,” said Cochran. “This is the third year in a row we went to the home opener.”

Cochran said they were taking pictures with a group of friends in the plaza, and afterward, Johnson asked her for a photo in the glove.

“Here’s my chance,” Johnson said. “The girls had taken their pictures and I thought, ‘I got to pounce right now.’ The glove is pretty slippery and Danielle almost fell off. I told her just to sit there a minute.”

“Then he turned around in front of me and got down on his knee,” Cochran said.

By then, the TV camera was already trained on the couple.

Cochran said it was pretty exciting to have the moment available for family and close friends to see.

The couple work at Radio FM Media. Johnson is an on-air personality who goes by Scotty Matthews” on Big 98.7.

The couple appear in the video at the 1:22 mark.