About The New Look Of Inforum.com

Visitors to inforum.com and other Forum Communications Co. websites should take notice of some new and helpful navigation that rolled out Thursday afternoon.

  • First, the former “daily updates” section on inforum.com is now simply called “updates.” This section will contain the latest news posted by The Forum as well as selected regional news from other Forum Communications Co. sites. The source of the story will be displayed with an icon before the headline. A mouse-over on the icon will show you the city of the paper that posted the article.
    New drop-down menus
  • We’ve also changed the way our navigation bars on top of each page work. Instead of a mouse-over effect that created a drop-down for each topic within that section, users can now click on each section and go directly to that page. Or, you can now click on the corresponding arrow next to each section and it will display interior tags for that topic.

It should provide a smoother and friendlier environment for our visitors.

– Rob Beer, Forum online editor