Have A Comment Or A Gripe? Write

You’ll soon see on several stories that appear on inforum.com a link to write a letter to the editor to comment on a story.

The link will take you to directly to your email client. This system will operate the same way our current letters to the editor policy works. We want to give our readers easier access to comment on stories.

Per the norm, letters to the editor should include author’s name, address and phone number. Generally, letters should be no longer than 250 words. All letters are subject to editing and publication value.

While not all stories will carry the direct link, you are certainly welcome to comment on any story or circumstance.

To write a letter to the editor, you can use this link: Send a letter to the editor.

For questions about our policies, call our Opinion Page Editor Jack Zaleski at (701) 241-5521 or email Forum Online Editor Rob Beer at rbeer@forumcomm.com.

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  1. Reality Check

    You quote “want to give your readers easier access to comment on stories?” Really? There’s a preposterous statement of the Year award nominee! If you truly wanted to give readers easier access to comment on stories, you’d re-open your comment section for direct interaction. Unfortunately a few in the minority who are in power of this rag do not want their stories challenged, lest they be accused of writing with a slant. Puhleeeeze spare us the faux interest is seeing actual real comments on the tripe that is put on this site. There is a valid reason this site is widely known as the InFoolum. In modern society people read and interact with news online in real time. They no longer waste time writing a letter or email to be sent in and reviewed by some editor(s) with who knows what agenda. If you think you are getting a true objective cross section of opinions by those taking time to write in you are fooling yourself. Then again, that seems to be par for the course with those under your employ.

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