Weather Photos Always Welcomed

The hail that fell around Detroit Lakes and the intense flooding in Duluth, Minn., the past few days reminds us to remind you to send us your weather photos.

The Duluth News Tribune highlighted several photos Wednesday shot by residents. Those photos were also posted on Twitter, Facebook and various other web and social media sites.

We also extend the invitation for videos, too.

While and can handle smaller file sizes, the larger the photo you send, the better the quality. That also increases the chance we’ll consider it for the print edition of The Forum.

As usual, we’ll give credit where credit is due. So please include your name and phone number if you send in images, as well as a description of the photo. You know, the time, date, place sort of thing. Once in a while, we’ll need to contact the photographer for additional information.

And remember, if you’re out during severe weather, please stay safe.

Unless otherwise directed on our website, you can send images to