Inforum Weekly Report Dec. 1-Dec. 7

Top 10 stories on Dec. 1-Dec. 7

Story Views
Proposed cuts leave MSUM ‘demoralized and decimated’ 18,341
VIDEO: As cold foils de-icing system, I-984 sees two pileups in two days 14,348
NDSU’s Bohl to be named Wyoming coach, sources say 14,173
A basement full of oil: Fuel oil delivered to wrong home in Northwood with disasterous results 10,842
Ex-Oakes principal threatened to rip head off student ‘and spit down the hole’ 10,722
Actor Will Farrell, as Ron Burgundy, joins Bismarck station for newscast 10,671
Storm system to hit region starting Sunday 8,736
Early December looking miserable, weather-wise 8,105
Online condom seller ranks North Dakota largest state 7,907
Support swells for Oakes principal who resigned after incidents involving student 7,814

Daily article views for Dec. 1-7

Sunday 73,860
Monday 100,629
Thursday 127,391
Friday 106,973
Saturday 88,667