Weekly Report Dec. 8-14

Top 10 stories on Dec. 1-Dec. 7

Story Views
NDSU athletic director says Bohl will coach Bison until season’s end 29,636
Police investigate Valley News Live reporter for hidden-camera story inside elementary schools 27,584
NDSU’s Bohl to be named Wyoming coach, sources say 25,499
NDSU unable to match figures the University of Wyoming offered Craig Bohl 15,435
Duluth student who nearly froze to death may have sought shelter in garage 15,287
Fargo man arrested in burglaries of unattended homes; husband and wife considered persons of interest 15,018
‘Things aren’t right’: Inspector’s instincts led to arrest of vampire-fanatic trucker accused of keeping a sex slave 13,714
Sanford social worker who investigated elder abuse accused of stealing from her grandmother 12,629
‘A tough one’: An emotional Bohl officially announces move to Wyoming 11,754
Dilworth woman ‘never really had second thoughts about it,’ returns $2,800 in cash to owner 11,087

Daily article views for Dec. 8-14

Sunday 130,370
Monday 124,774
Tuesday 111,242
Wednesday 126,531
Thursday 120,124
Friday 113,703
Saturday 60,650