About That ‘Cinderella’ Tweet

Just moments before No. 12 North Dakota State stunned No. 5 Oklahoma last Thursday night, the @ndsumbb account showed this post on Twitter:

It quickly was retweeted by SportsCenter and, well, nearly 7,000 times following NDSU’s 80-75 overtime victory. It has since been a “favorited” tweet about that same number.

So what we wanted to know is who punched out this clever little gem of a tweet.

That would be Wes Offerman, who spearheads sports information for the Bison men’s team.

“I fired it off with a few seconds left in overtime before I had to get out on the floor to help arrange postgame interviews,” Offerman said.

On a day of several upsets in the Big Dance, Offerman took advantage of the immediate reaction Twitter would provide the late-night upset. However, he said, he didn’t overthink what he was going to post.

“It definitely wasn’t something I had planned in advance. You just kind of try to stay in the moment and have fun with it,” he said. “I figure if it’s something I’m thinking or something that gets me excited, it’s probably something that’s going through our fans’ minds, too.

“Twitter is a lot more about emotions and feeling included as part of a group than most people realize. People want to share their feelings and have that communal sense of involvement. I think I just kind of got lucky, and the timing was perfect.”

The tweet was the centerpiece of a story on The Huffington Post’s website, showing it against one that Harvard posted with mixed reactions.

Offerman’s tweet wasn’t the only highlight for the SID. Known to dunk from time to time at different arenas where the Bison play, his slam at Spokane Arena was shown during the TruTV broadcast that night.

“Seeing that tweet explode was cooler to me than the whole dunk story, hands down. It brought the publicity to our school and to our basketball program. Those guys on the team are the ones who deserve the attention, so I’m just happy the tweet was able to do that for 24 hours or so.”