Fargo Couple’s Surprise Engagement Caught On Camera At Target Field

Danielle Cochran of Fargo will now have the perfect reason to continue to have a seat in the big glove in the plaza of Target Field.

For Matt Johnson, she is quite the catch.

She got engaged there Monday when Johnson popped the question before the Minnesota Twins home opener.

The moment was caught by a WCCO-TV camera.

“We’re big Minnesota sports fans,” said Cochran. “This is the third year in a row we went to the home opener.”

Cochran said they were taking pictures with a group of friends in the plaza, and afterward, Johnson asked her for a photo in the glove.

“Here’s my chance,” Johnson said. “The girls had taken their pictures and I thought, ‘I got to pounce right now.’ The glove is pretty slippery and Danielle almost fell off. I told her just to sit there a minute.”

“Then he turned around in front of me and got down on his knee,” Cochran said.

By then, the TV camera was already trained on the couple.

Cochran said it was pretty exciting to have the moment available for family and close friends to see.

The couple work at Radio FM Media. Johnson is an on-air personality who goes by Scotty Matthews” on Big 98.7.

The couple appear in the video at the 1:22 mark.