Finally, The Vikings Win The Super Bowl, He Thinks

A pretty clever story appeared today on about the next 25 Super Bowl champions.

Thomas Neumann penned this futuristic view – which has visions of Minnesota and Buffalo finally winning a championship. (Note: Blair Walsh makes the kick this time.)

Neumann “predicts” the Vikings will trade away Adrian Peterson in 2017 for seven draft picks from Dallas. (A nice flip on 1989 Hershel Walker trade.) Two years later, still with Teddy Bridgewater at quarterback, Minnesota charges to Super Bowl LIII, Neumann predicts, and beats Indianapolis when Andrew Luck leaves the game with an itchy neckbeard.

So yes, it’s a funny read, and it only gets crazier once the NFL expands to Mexico and overseas, Neumann predicts. Still, the Vikings and Bills (and even Detroit!) get rings in this outlook. And a red-hot college team even makes its move.

One note though, don’t bother looking for more Vikings Super Bowl victories. There’s just one.