Shocking My Good Neighbor, Bob Lind, With An Old Photo

Readers of The Forum know Bob Lind, like a good neighbor. The head honcho behind the popular “Neighbors” column has appeared in our publications for years. And Bob, who has worked in retirement longer than most of our newsroom staff has worked here full-time, will be the first to tell you he’s seen it all.

Well, there’s at least one thing he hasn’t seen, until last year when former staff photographer Darren Gibbins surfaced a photo on Facebook of Bob with the 1950 basketball team at Niagara, N.D.

“That’s like Niagara Falls, without the Falls,” said Bob, who graduated that year. “We had a lake.”

Bob didn’t play, but he said he wasn’t exactly the team manager, either. “They just stuck me in there,” he said.

While the school is long gone, Bob began recalling some of the players and coach on the team. The principal, Ervin Sagen, doubled as the team’s coach.

I ran across this video I shot last year with Bob in one of my cloud accounts Wednesday night, and – like the thousands of readers’ stories Bob has offered throughout the years – is worth sharing.

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