Let’s Keep The Vikings’ Streak Alive

I’m just barely old enough to remember watching Fran Tarkenton play, which will tie this entire blog post together.

Tarkenton was the last quarterback to play in the Super Bowl as a Minnesota Viking.

Maybe it should remain that way.

Listen, I was with you. This is THE year. Home stadium, home cookin’ and the possibility the Vikings players may be able to sleep in their own beds Super Bowl eve. Sounds great and all. Frankly, it sounds too perfect. It sounded perfect too before Gary Anderson missed and Brett Favre got pass-happy, leaving Ryan Longwell on the sideline.

What a wreck what we have going here.

So what if the Vikings advance and win the Super Bowl for the first time? Then what?

Seriously, then what?

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A disappointing 2018 season won’t let us fall so hard. A fumble at the goal line in next year’s wild-card playoffs probably will save a couple new 90-inch TVs from being destroyed. Why? Because the expectations and disappointments were padded by that FIRST HOME FIELD SUPER BOWL WIN, HOMEBOY!

Oh, those were the days. Remember when Aaron Rodgers’ injury instantly put the Vikings in the passing lane straight to the Super Bowl? Remember when Case Keenum drove (sorry, willed) his team down the field in the final minute against the Saints and then the Patriots to win the whole darn thing? Remember that look of horror on Tom Brady’s face, thinking some journeyman QB stopped his quest for six titles with a rope of a throw to Adam Thielen?

But what if that doesn’t play out?

Look, we still give the Twins a break for winning two World Series a generation ago. We haven’t dived into a long harangue on the Wild because, well, this is the state of hockey and those who really care are too busy shuttling their next Sidney Crosby to a weekend jamboree. As for the Wolves, sure, they’re due, but the 27-round NBA playoffs are a crapshoot and as long as we can beat LeBron at home by a million points during the regular season, who really cares about an NBA championship? The Lynx, totally impressive, but much like the Bison’s recent run, the luster isn’t as shiny as the first one.

So why ruin this thing, Vikings fans?

If sports are entertaining, ask yourself: What would be more entertaining?

It’s become comical on how many ways the Vikings can lose a playoff game. Let’s find more.

And besides, this way your expectations won’t get out of line.

So let’s just remember No. 10. That’d be about the same amount of massive Vikings’ disappointments.