Listen To This Flood-fighting Song

“You’ve got to build up your levees, you ‘ve got to build up your dikes … the mighty Red River is going to crest tonight.”

Remembering The Reagan Shooting

In a day and age where TVs and other multimedia equipment were rarities in a classroom, only a few in the school were able to relay the information to teachers and hundreds of elementary school children.

F-M Weather Trumps All

If it seems like Fargo-Moorhead makes the top 10 for some kind of national list (top place to live, raise kids, find a job, sandbag, fly a kite, dig a ditch), you’re right.

It’s Been A Long Winter

I looked out into my backyard today, still noticing my tarp-covered grill under snow against the house. We should be playing golf here in three weeks. Should be. Probably not.

Where Would You Like To See A Floodcam?

We’re tossing ideas around the newsroom about where we might place additional webcams for the upcoming flood.